A trust is a document which creates a separate legal entity to administer your assets both now and after your death.   As a Trust allows for the administration of your assets without court supervision the choice of Trustee is all important.  Trusts are excellent estate planning tools for those whose beneficiaries are minors, have special needs or for those for whom tax planning is essential.  Due to the additional requirements for life time administration  a trust is more complex and therefore more expensive document than a Will.  There are fill-in the blank forms but these can cause problems for you and your later Trustee if they do not properly address your individual needs.  With over two decades of experience in drafting and administering trusts, we can assist you in putting together a trust tailor-made for your needs.  Having the proper estate plan will not only insure that your assets are properly administered but that they reach your chosen beneficiary.   The price is modest compared with the peace of mind that having the right estate plan will bring.  If your assets are not large, please see the article on the “Will” page for a comparison of the two basic forms of estate planning documents. Please contact us by phone or use the secure contact form below and our office will gladly assist you.

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