Wills allow an individual to nominate a person they trust  to act as their personal representative and set out  how their assets will be divided upon their death.  Wills also  allow parents of minors to nominate as guardians, the person or persons they wish to take care of their children in the event neither parent can do so.  For young parents this is the most important aspect of their estate plan as the court will give great weight to the parent’s nomination of the proposed guardian of the children.  For those with modest sized estates and who have no beneficiaries with special needs that must be considered, a will is an excellent way to set out their wishes for  how they want their property distributed.  While there is a statutory scheme that the court will follow if there is no will, a will allows you to customize to whom your assets are given, allows you to exclude a relative and to include your favorite charity or pet if you chose.  Most wills are simple and straight forward and require no administration during your lifetime.  Consequently, the cost of their preparation is modest. We can ensure that the will is customized for your family situation for about the same cost as a fill in the blank internet special.  Do it yourself kits are confusing  and can lead to assets being forgotten and the document not being properly executed.  By contrast, we can guarantee that the your will is properly executed so that,when the time comes,  it will be accepted by the courts and your wishes are carried out.   For information about will administration and the probate process, see the “Probate” page. Please contact us by phone or use the secure contact form below and our knowledgeable and friendly staff will gladly assist you.

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