Restraining orders

Restraining Orders in family law come in two basic kinds.  First are the standard restraining orders which are printed on the back of the Summons and apply to both parties as soon as they are served.  These restraining orders are designed to preserve the status quo during the pendency of the action and prohibit  the disposal of property, the dropping of insurance coverages and other actions that could affect the court’s ability to make a fair division of the couple’s assets.  Secondly, there are domestic violence restraining orders which can be brought by one co-habitant against another, regardless of their marital status, where there has been violence or threats of violence against them, their children and other members of their immediate household.  These orders can be requested independently and need not be attached to another family law action although they frequently are.  Please see our articles on “Dissolution/divorce” and “Paternity” for the family law actions that can be coupled with a domestic violence restraining order request. Please contact our office by phone or use the secure contact form below and our office will gladly assist you.

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