Dissolution/ Divorce

When a married couple decides to terminate their relationship, a petition for dissolution must be filed.  The common term for this process is “divorce”.  The legal term was changed when California changed the law to provide for no-fault divorce.  This means you do not have to have any grounds except “irreconcilable differences” and the conduct which led to the break down of the relationship is largely irrelevant.  There are residency requirements that must be met and mandatory forms that must be used that can cause great confusion to anyone unfamiliar with the family law court system.  After more than 30 years in this area, I know the local courts well and can assist you in meeting all of the requirements during an emotionally charged time.  Please contact us by phone or use the secure contact form below and our helpful staff will gladly assist you. Additional information on other family law topics such as family/spousal support, child custody/visitation/support and domestic violence restraining orders is also available by clicking on the above links.

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